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If you have a business in London Fields but you’re not properly using social media, you’re missing out on a large number of targeted customers that want what you’re selling. Social Media Marketing is the quickest and cheapest way to develop long-term relationships with targeted users while also creating powerful social proof. So get your London Fields Social Media Marketing strategy worked out with the help of this article.


To do well on Instagram requires consistent posting, tag research, interaction with the community, and attractive and engaging posts + captions.


To succeed on Facebook now requires a use of ads and post boosting. Organic posts are only shown to less than 3% of a page’s audience (it can be far less than 3%).


On Pinterest, a smart tactic is to create boards that include your product whilst piggybacking on popular pages/products. Curating many beautiful images and videos will make people want to follow you, and once they follow you, they’ll become more interested in what you do.


YouTube is the best social media platform for SEO. If you’re able to rank a video on YouTube, your video will rank on Google. You can learn more about London Fields SEO here. Videos are extremely valued by Google. Videos are also the most powerful form of mass communication you can use (bar public speaking) so they should definitely be a part of your London Fields Social Media Marketing plan. Note, audio quality trumps video quality so ensure your audio is clear and crisp. You’ll also need to learn about title and tag research to do well on YouTube. Also, check out Google Trends and this Google keyword tool.


Many businesses have Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube accounts and consistently use them to build their customer base. But few businesses have got on the Snapchat train, and they really are missing out: it has by far the highest engagement levels of any social media platform.

What to Focus on For Your London Fields Social Media Marketing Strategy?

It’s easy to say ‘to them all! All the time!’ It’s much harder to actually do this when you’re also trying to run a business. So instead what I’d say, is try them all and see which platforms you do best on. Cut the platforms on which you preform the worst – you can always introduce them back in when you have more time, or when you hire someone specifically for marketing (like me :)). But be careful not to confuse a poor use of a platform with a poor platform for your business. Learn how to use each platform before making any decisions.


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