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If your small business fails to gain attention, it’ll stay small, and, very possibly, will wither away. And you can rest assured, a long line of hungry, ambitious, sharp entrepreneurs are eagerly waiting for you to trip up so they can take your place. London Fields draws a lot of customers who are keen to part way with as much of their disposable income as they can. They have big appetites, but even bigger eyes. And if you do things right, using London Fields Digital Marketing strategies to attract targeted customers, the sky really is the limit. 

In this article, I’ll provide an outline of the things you need to be cognizant of when creating your marketing plan to ensure success.

Social Media Marketing

Gone are the days when social media marketing was optional. Now, not marketing on social media will lead to a quick death for your business.

The platforms you should focus on will heavily depend on the type of business and budget you have.


Personally, I would omit from using Twitter. Though this may shock some of you, in my experience, Twitter’s engagement is shockingly low, it’s hard to gain followers, and in order to do well requires you to constantly be riding the wave of trends. Too much time for too little impact on the bottom line, in my eyes.


Facebook is a hugely powerful tool for businesses big and small. The vast majority of Londoner’s are on Facebook and highly active. Though it’s a pay to play platform. If you want people to view your content you have to boost posts and create ads. And if you’re not creating the right sort of ads, you’ll be throwing away your money very quickly. Proceed with caution, but if you have the money, this should definitely be part of your London Fields Digital Marketing plan.


Instagram is an incredibly attractive platform to be on right now. It’s still possible to grow a massive following and develop high levels of engagement organically. This takes time and a lot of skill, but it’s definitely one of the cheapest, most effective ways to market right now.


Pinterest is very useful for companies that create things of beauty. It’s still quite easy to drum up attention organically if you know what you’re doing. And their advertising platform is powerful also.


Youtube should be a part of everyone London Fields Marketing plan. Videography takes a lot of skill (or money to pay for someone else’s expertise) and time. But it’s essential. Youtube is owned by Google and so Youtube videos are given a boost in search results. Become the authority in your area by creating helpful videos. You can also link back from every video to your website to enhance SEO.


If you’re a business without a website, you’re behind the times. Your London Fields Digital Marketing strategy is incomplete without a website and a search engine optimisation plan. It would take many articles to go in depth on how to rank your website on the first page of Google but I’ll provide some basic things you can do.

Have all the social media accounts link to your website. Write as many articles as possible helping your customers better understand your business, teaching them how they can do it themselves, and providing news. You may want to withhold information so you don’t lose customers, but this actually leads to less business for you. Give away lots of information for free. Make the articles at least 300 words, but ideally 2000-3000 words with your keywords sprinkled throughout (don’t force it though!). Link internally – that is to say, link your articles where relevant. Link externally – that is to say, link to other websites where it will provide context or valuable information to the reader. Google values websites that have many internal and external links. There is no way all the information on the internet can be contained within one article so give readers the option to do deeper reading in certain areas that are outside the scope of your article. Finally, add pictures, and use header formatting intelligently.

What’s The Competition Like In London Fields Digital Marketing?

Well, of course, this depends on the industry. If you’re a coffee shop then most areas will be quite competitive for relevant search terms. If you’re a vegan restaurant then you may find it a little easier. Speaking generally, SEO in London Fields is quite competitive – as is almost everywhere in London.

How Long Will It Take To Start Getting Followers/engagement?

It all depends on how innovative and attractive your posts are. With the right content, you can go viral very quickly.

How Do I Rank For London Fields SEO?

Firstly, you want to register your business with Google. This will allow your business name, opening times, and phone number to be displayed when users search for businesses within your sector and in your area.

Nextly, you’ll want to verify your business with Google. Verifying lets Google know that the business registered is actually owned by you. Once this is done you’ll be provided with a number of tools for customizing your online presence.

Following on from here, the next step is to gather some reviews. You’ll want these to come in quickly so why not ask previous customers if they wouldn’t mind helping you out by leaving a review. Furthermore, let your new customers know that reviews are appreciated. Heck, you could even incentivize it!

Do all this and you may find yourself at the top of London Fields SEO.

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