Equality – Is It What We Need? What’s The Alternative?

Do we need equality? Sounds like a dumb, insensitive, misogynistic, white privileged question, right?

But let’s dive a little deeper.

In order to decide whether equality is something ethical and desirable, we must first agree on a definition. ‘Equality’ stems from the word ‘equal’. It’s easy enough to agree that when things are ‘equal’ they are the same in quantity, size, degree, or value.

Therefore, an unrefined definition of ‘equality’ is the state of being equal.

Redefining Equality

Using this definition, a cat is not equal to a dog. And, to use a less exaggerated example, a dog is not equal to a bitch, there are clear distinctions between the two and these distinctions manifest themselves in behaviors unique to each sex.

So why then do we demand that men and women be equal? Why do we deny the obvious, innate differences between the sexes?

I have contemplated this for years, and, up until now, have been unable to come up with any reasonable justification for this thinking. Who stands to profit from the desexualization of humans? 

Now I understand.

The Trajectory Of Activism

Imagine important, necessary movements as a tug of war in which one side is the oppressed and the other side the oppressor. At first, the movement receives extreme resistance, in large part due to inertia from the oppressor. Not knowing how much momentum is needed to overthrow the oppressor and not wanting to wait any longer than necessary for justice, the oppressed digs in and pulls as hard as they can. If they are victorious, they bring both themselves and the injustice hurtling toward the ground.

Equality: A Tug of War
A Tug of War

And the oppressed, focusing entirely on the fall of the oppressor, fails to see that they too are falling, and soon will sully themselves in the dirt.

An Overreaction

Or you can also imagine a movement as the immune system, and the injustice it’s fighting as a virus in the system. An autoimmune disorder is where the immune system mistakenly attacks the body. Normally, the immune system is able to differentiate between foreign cells and its own cells. But sometimes, the system mistakes part of the body as foreign and begins attacking.

This is similar to what happens as a movement searches constantly for injustices (as defined by the movement) to eliminate. As the movement gets stronger, it evolves, and what constitutes an injustice becomes broader and, concurrently, more extreme. It eventually starts to negatively impact the people it was intended to protect and one by one they start to become disenchanted with a cause that once was at the core of their identity. This arc from the beginnings of an ethical, justifiable cause to its necessary death can be rather slow.    

Feminism – Case In Point

Feminism has become that poison – at least in most of the western world. And you can imagine each individual activist as a bacteria that is merely acting out what the immune system (the movement) tells it to – whether or not it thinks its acting of its own volition matters not at all. This is undeniably Group Think at work.

“An object in movement will stay in motion until it meets resistance.”

The Power Of Words

Anyway, my point is not one about feminism. It’s about all movements. We must think about the words we use as they have an incredible influence over how we act (watch this to learn more). Equality, I posit, is not what we need. What we need is acceptance. Where equality stifles and denies, acceptance allows and celebrates.

We must stop demonizing and forcing. We must think for ourselves. And we must not run around like headless chicken roaring about a cause that no longer serves a healthy function, detached from reason, entirely unaware. Keep your views current or they won’t have any meaning.

My fear is that those who hate feminism will use this to harden their position and feminists will use it to strengthen their position, neither learning anything. Please, don’t let that be you. 

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