Instagram is like a virus. Marketers and budding influencers alike attempt to discover the inner workings of the platform and, as soon as they do, everything changes. The virus morphs.

Most people don’t have time to invest on the bleeding edge of the Instagram algorithm and so they unknowingly use outdated hacks and spin their wheels. Let me put an end to that for you.

In my experience, most sites teaching Instagram domination are full of fluff and dust. I’m not going to withhold like they do. I’ll give you every. last. juicy. detail. to ensure your success (or increase the odds of success, more accurately).

Enough huffing and puffing, let’s get to the good stuff!

The King of Instagram

Engagement is king on Instagram. You can think of engagement and attention as synonymous. So inevitably it all boils down to the quality of your content. Does it attract attention? Do people FEEL something when they see it/watch it? Do they want to share it with the people they love? Simply, does it have virility?

That will be all! Enjoy Instagram.
Thank you, and good night. 🙂

Only joking.

There is more to it than that. But it’s important to put engagement at the forefront of your strategy, for without it growth will be painfully slow and there will come a time in the not-so-distant-future where you will have to pay buckets for embarrassing growth.

A Quick Lesson in Engagement

There is so much noise out there now. Gone are the days where you could post a pretty little picture of something off your menu or show your wonderful arm workout and be almost guaranteed explosive growth. You must scream if you want to be heard. And in order to do that, you must first know what you’re trying to say – lest you sound like a madman.

So often companies get it completely wrong. They think they’re selling cookies, or knives, or a service, and so they sell nothing. You need to sell emotion. In buying your product, how will the customer feel? Who will they become? the product is merely a vehicle that transports the customer to (or from) the emotion.

And this thinking leaks into how they advertise. I can say: ’Hey, check out how tasty our cookies look. Buy them now!’ Ok, fine. But now I’m competing with all the other cookie stores. The customer thinks ‘is this the best looking cookie around?’ If it is, you win, but if it isn’t, you’ll lose every single time.

If instead I say: ‘Each and every one of our cookies is made with love and we’re sure you can taste it. Try one and if you don’t feel loved, it’s on us.’ Now the cookie is the key to love. No regular cookie can compete with love. I also threw in an ommittance of risk for the customer to further sweeten the deal.

This is the key to selling. And to advertising.

So now you know what you need to say, you have to say it as loud as you can.

How can a picture be loud?? I hear you ask.

We’re talking high quality, bright images. We’re talking shots of people over things (not always the case, but generally people resonate more with people than things go figure!). And we’re talking brilliance – take that cookie to a mountaintop and get a glorious snap of someone grasping your cookie high above their hands with a caption like: ‘it’s so much sweeter at the top’. That stuff is memorable, shareable, unique.