Hello, I’m Yasin. I’m a Growth Marketer that works exclusively with tech startups – that’s where all the fun’s at!

What exactly do you do?

I combine a deep understanding of consumer psychology, with design, copy, data and tech-based inventiveness to consistently increase conversions for tech startups.

Ok amazing, but that all sounds pretty vague, what tangible things can you do?


  • I guarantee I can increase your landing page conversions – and not just on vanity metrics like clicks, but also on actual sales
  • I can build out automated event-based email flows with opens, clicks and conversions that make you dizzy with joy
  • Adjust (or completely change, if necessary) your UI to ensure a great seemless customer journey
  • Introduce new products/features that make your product ridiculously sticky
  • Use A/B tests and data to cut through the crap and uncover the high-value actions that you can automate to get you customers like clockwork

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